She Begun Ignoring Me. Is actually She Playing Difficult To Get?

She Begun Ignoring Me. Is actually She Playing Difficult To Get?

Reader matter:

i have recognized this lady for 90 days now. We exchanged numbers and emailed sometimes concerning when to satisfy to review. She seemed into myself. We also went for dinner (I don’t imagine it was a date though). All of a sudden she started to type ignore myself, while she still responds straight away on Gchat.
What I’m sure usually she dumped the woman date in August. This lady has additionally hidden her connection status on Facebook, though that man still is buddies together. Many times as I name this lady for coffee, she says “maybe” or “perhaps.”
Is she really into me personally and playing hard to get, or perhaps is she not interested?

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Al: Boy is she giving you mixed race girls  indicators! She responds on the internet and ignores face-to-face. The woman relationship condition is actually uncertain and the woman is noncommittal about obtaining with each other for coffee.
I know how this conduct may also feel attractive. All of us want a partner who’s some hard to get. But there is some info you happen to be plainly missing, like if she’s also unmarried.  In addition it feels like the goal is perhaps all one-sided and this also only tells me you want the girl, not that she wants you.
Plenty of women hold a cadre of male buddies using the internet only for unique pride following ignore them publicly. My tip? I’d drop out of the woman radar for a time. Place the basketball within her courtroom and you will have the information you might be missing.

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s response:

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